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predict course online

Prediabetes represents a window of opportunity to prevent or delay the progression to diabetes and its associated complications. However, we do not have formal recommendations to guide the diagnosis and management of individuals at risk of progression to diabetes.

The association of prediabetes with macrovascular disease, namely CVD, and microvascular complications are well established among individuals with prediabetes.

Predict program provides a clear and concise approach to the management of individuals with Prediabetes based on the available evidence and current best clinical practice.

Predict Program is certified by the SCFHS and Royal college of physicians with accredited CPD points.

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predict course online


1. Burden of T2D in Saudi Arabia

2. Diabetes management in Women

3. GCC Prediabetes Roadmap

4. Controversies in management of infertility with diabetes

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predict course online


This Scientific educational program is intended for HCPs practicing in Saudi Arabia only.

Access to this website should be only for HCPs working in Saudi Arabia. 

You must fill the evaluation after each module in order to claim your CMEs.